Dental insurance has new name – Cavitas!
Big journeys begin with small steps

Back in February 2018, we started the journey with the step to introduce and mediate the first private dental insurance in Estonia.

3 years later in 2021 it is time to take next steps to other countries in Europe, first Denmark, then Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our current tradename "hambaravikindlustuse" has a strong local meaning but is not be suitable for dental insurance service offer outside Estonia.

Therefore tradename CAVITAS was created by us to support our main goal - to become the first pan-European dental insurance service brand.

The word "cavitas" means body cavity, including the oral cavity, and is well suited to express insurance for the well-being of the mouth. New logo shape symbolizes the oral cavity.

Additional new step on the way is that from January 2021 Cavitas dental insurance service in Estonia unites dental insurance offer from two A-rated international insurers, one of which bears the risks of private individuals and the other the insurance risk of corporate clients.
Thank you for being part of our journey!

Northern1 International Insurance Brokers OÜ