Using cookies

Website using cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded into the website or into the device (computer, mobile) of the website visitor. Cookies are stored in the file directory of a web browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox) on the device’s hard drive.

Cookies collect anonymous user information, which makes it possible to improve the website better for the customer by improving the user experience.

Cookies remember that you have visited our website and based on that it is possible to send ads to the visitor.

Cookies do not contain personal data and cannot be used to identify you.

Cookies used on the website:

1.Persistent cookies – these are stored in the visitor’s device (mobile phone, computer) as a combination of numbers when visiting the website. When you visit the website repeatedly, these cookies remember the visitor’s data and activities on the website and help prevent repeated entries. The storage time of cookies depends on their type.
2.Session cookies – these are stored for as long as the website visitor keeps the website open, remembering that the visitor has already made a choice and may avoid re-entering data.
3.Tracking cookies – these are used to view and analyze website statistics.
4.Third-party cookies – we use third-party cookies (such as Google) to serve ads and optimize marketing. Third-party cookies are stored on the website’s visitor’s device in order to evaluate the advertisements and their content displayed to the website visitor. Such cookies may store information about the geographical location of a website visitor, for example based on an IP address.

If a website visitor wishes to restrict the use of cookies or prohibit the storage of cookies on their device, this can be done under the settings of a web browser.