Insure your unplanned dental treatment costs!


Protect Your teeth from only 90 cents per day!


Healthy teeth - healthy You!

No 1 private
dental insurance
in Estonia
2 000 000+
euros claims
paid out in Estonia
30 years old
A+ rated
Cavitas dental insurance helps to save your dental treatment costs and keep your teeth healthy.

Insurance package


Insurance sums per year:
Regular dental treatment - 1000€
Accident treatment - 1000€
Oral cancer treatment - 5000€
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Insurance premium
335.52 € year
27.96 € per month

(insurance period 12 months)

Insurance package


Insurance sums per year:
Regular dental treatment - 2000€
Accident treatment - 2000€
Oral cancer treatment - 10 000€
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Insurance premium
511.92 € year
42.66 € per month

(insurance period 12 months)

Insurance package


Insurance sums per year:
Regular dental treatment - 3000€
Accident treatment - 3000€
Oral cancer treatment - 15 000€
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Insurance premium
799.50 € year
66.63 € per month

(insurance period 12 months)

Refundable treatments:


Policyholders feedback

“I heard from the friend and joined to dental insurance to be sure that my teeth are not left treated if any dental costs will incure”

RaigoPolicyholder 1 year

“I do support having an insurance cover and I have joined a number of insurances to protect the family budget. I am very pleased that finally dental insurance is also available on the market, so I can be sure that if there are dental costs, they will not create a hole in the budget”

KatrinPolicyholder 1 year

“I joined to dental insurance with couple of holes in my teeth. After 6 months, I needed treatment and dental insurance was a big help in saving my expenses”

AndresPolicyholder 2 years

“Before the spring of 2018, I lived in London, where I already had dental insurance. It seemed quite logical to me that this protection would continue when I returned to Estonia, because in Estonia this treatment is not covered by the Health Insurance Fund”

ChristianPolicyholder 2 years

“Necessary insurance, I am satisfied that I have received part of my dental expenses reimbursed by the insurance”

PiretPolicyholder 2 years

“It is good that health-related insurances are available in Estonia. I am so far satisfied with the dental insurance”

LauraPolicyholder 1 year

“I took out dental insurance just in case. So far, compensation has not been needed, but I never know when it will be needed”

Martin:Policyholder 1 year

“Very necessary "invention" ”

MarjuPolicyholder 2 years

“I am very pleased that I hedged the risks and joined

RaulPolicyholder 1 year