What is dental insurance cover?

The purpose of this dental insurance cover is to indemnify, on the basis of the insurance terms and conditions in this contract, the policyholder’s treatment expenses resulting from causes which are needed and manifest themselves after the start date of this policy.

The cover is valid if in insurer's opinion the treatment was clinically necessary, the premium or part of it has been paid by the time of the claim and the treatment takes place and is completed by the end of the policy period.

The insurance cover is applicable to persons who are 21–70 years old on the start date of the insurance contract.

The insurance cover only applies to the teeth that you have in your mouth at the time of joining. Treatment means replacement of the teeth removed before joining is not covered by insurance.

The insurance coverage period is 1 year. The insurance cover enters into force immediately after submitting the insurance application and joining the payment method. The beginning of the insurance coverage is confirmed by the policy sent to your e-mail address by the insurance distributor.

In order to receive insurance cover, you can turn to any dental or medical clinic in Estonia for treatment and, in the event of an accident, also to a licensed dental clinic abroad.

The insurance cover applies to regular, accident and oral cancer treatment.

The insurance cover does not apply to the treatment performed during the waiting period (see Annex A of the terms and conditions of the insurance contract).

Certain treatments are not covered unless authorised by the claims administrator before treatment commences. These are:
a) Placement of crowns and bridges, including Pontic or Maryland bridges
b) Removal of Wisdom teeth
c) Placement of implants, implant abutments and implant crowns
d) Placement of temporary crowns
e) Fitting of full and partial dentures (top and bottom jaw)

You have the right to withdraw from the insurance cover within 14 days after the date of commencement of the insurance contract.

You (and insurer) has the right to terminate the cover and the insurance contract one month before the end of the current insurance period by sending a request to the insurance distributor's e-mail address taking into account that the contract expires at the end of the insurance period.

Be sure you read Cavitas dental insurance terms and conditions HRK-4/2020 before joining to insurance